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Hi! My name is Lisa. I’m A single Mom. I’m very blessed with 3 beautiful children. Salvatore, Jaella, and Jeana, who keep me busy, and my boyfriend, Jim, who is always making me laugh!  We live in our own home in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.  I started to coupon in 2010 when times got tough and the economy was getting worse.   I just fell upon it when I was searching for coupons online to print certain products to save some money. I realized there is sooooooooooooo many other people looking to do the same thing TO SAVE MONEY!!!!!!!  There is a world of information out there to save money. You just need to learn where to find it.  It took me quite a long time to gather such information. I’m here to save you A LOT of time and money, by sharing what I found and learned, and pass it on to you!